Shortening A Long Distance Relationship

Two people who have been in a long term relationship that requires at least one of them to travel often find their relationship changes when the other person comes home. This is seen in relationships of those who travel for corporations, and it is also being recognized as an issue for military families. Those who go off for months at a time leave behind a spouse who must take full responsibility for life, and the returning spouse has to find a way to fit back into their shared life. It is not always easy, and it can take a toll on the relationship.

Couples who experience a great deal of physical separation often dream about the day they are together again, and meeting halfway is often part of their routine. This works well during the short periods because they are on neutral ground, and they do not need to be concerned about conventional matters. They experience the feeling of being on a holiday because they often are, but it gives them little experience with their normal lives.

When the assignments are over and the travel is done, coming home is a difficult proposition for many. They see their spouse as someone who has needed them, but they arrive to find everything under complete control. This robs the returning spouse of their self-esteem in some cases, and the couple might find their adjustment taking a turn for the worse as they wrestle with issues of who really rules the roost.

It is never easy for a couple to deal with long distances when they are trying to build a life, but many of the issues they will face occur after the homecoming. Seeking professional help can be the best way for them to solve the issues that will arise as they make the adjustment from being apart to living together as the distance between them disappears.