Opting Out of Relationships

Life today is fast-paced for people that want a good career. Companies often demand workers travel much of the year and work late hours when they are home. For those that want to climb the corporate ladder, taking a break from relationships might be the answer. Relationships take time and effort they may need for their job. When a person is in a relationship, they are expected to spend a good amount of time with their significant other. People feel hurt and disappointed by a person that would rather concentrate on their career. This makes opting out of relationships a good choice for a person focused on work.

While they may be focused on work, people still have physical needs. These can be worked out in many different ways. Distraction is often the first choice for people. After a while, distraction is ineffective and unsatisfying. When that happens, getting into a relationship is not the answer. Finding a fuck buddy may be the best answer for these people. This will satisfy their physical needs without the commitment of a relationship.

There are many people in situations where no strings attached sex would probably be their best option. Fuck buddies do not require a relationship and often are focused on their own life goals. They want relief of their physical needs only. There is no pretense of dating or spending quality time together.

Focusing on a career is important for people that want to get ahead in life. Taking a few years off from dating and committed relationships is often the best way to achieve their goals. Once they have climbed high enough on the corporate ladder, they can then focus on finding their significant other. Choosing to opt out of relationships for a short length of time is best for people that cannot make a true commitment to another person.