Making a Private Agreement

Maintain a relationship with a person who is often gone can be difficult, and many couples find their love for each other does not overcome the loneliness they experience when parted. Some of them will have a private agreement about what happens when they are separated, but others find they are unable to overcome the thought their partner is with another person. For those who have found the ability to keep jealousy out of their relationship, it could be the best way for them to remain together when they are often far apart.

Open relationships are something many people refuse to consider, so one partner might find they are cheating on their significant other. Guilt is often a large part of how they feel, but resentment can also play a part. They might feel their partner is being selfish by not allowing them the freedom they need while maintaining the relationship, so it could push them to end it.

Ending the relationship could be devastating to both people, but living with a private agreement could harm one partner. The lack of balance between them could eventually erupt into anger and rage, so it is important for both of them to be able to find an emotional middle ground. Their rules must be ironclad for this type of arrangement to be successful, and honesty is an important part of the equation for both of them. Being able to discuss their needs openly will give them an opportunity to find solutions that fit them both.

It is often too difficult for many couples to sustain a relationship where one person is gone most of the time, and that is one reason many of them choose to end their association. For those who are determined to make it work, there are alternatives that could suit them if they are each willing to give their partner the freedom they need.